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Thoughts on Sense8

So, I just finished watching Sense8. I have thoughts!

Okay, first, I loved it. I thought that the middle segment was maybe a little slow but the ending was brilliant so more than made up for that. What made me dislike the middle was it felt very much like 8 independent narratives that hadn't tied together yet and while there's the occasional crossover (mostly Sun kicking ass and taking names) there isn't the kind of emotional support and connection we see towards the end of the show.

But then at the end of the show we do get that emotional connection and we get to see characters who maybe aren't useful in the ass-kicking context (Lito) show up and positively contribute and it adds to that great message that everyone has something to give.

I like what they did with the diversity and with making sure everyone has their own stories. I'm really looking forward to where they're going to take it next season and how they're going to carry on weaving it together to form a coherent narrative. I like how they kind of spread out the abilities too. Like, in a fight it's not Lito you want, it's Sun, which is kind of the opposite of what you might stereotypically expect. It's really easy to fall down those holes when story-telling.

I love Sun the most, I think. I love her prison family she seems to be building. I love her anger and the way she accepts her lot but angrily and with resentment.

I love Lito. His breakdown made me cry. I knew he'd do the right thing, though. I can't wait to see how that turns out for him. I was sometimes a little comfortable with the way Daniela became their unwanted girlfriend and muscled into their lives but I thought there's potential there to do something interesting with it next season, maybe actually have them have an honest discussion about what she is to them and where they all fit in relation to each other, as she clearly is a participant in their relationship on some level so that opens it up to some form of consensual polyamory. Just preferable with some acknowledgement of that and communication. But Lito's a sweety.

Wolfgang was...I kind of didn't like him until his friend got shot. Then I started to like him as he reacted to that. I felt like he showed more of who he was.

Capheus is clearly my other fave. He's a superhero. He's Steve Rogers. The guy who always keeps on the positive. The guy who does the right thing becasue it's the right thing, or tries to. Who doesn't think of power or personal gain but only of being a good person and providing for the people around him. And I love his wonder when he turns up somewhere. He's adorable. I want ten of him. And he's a nice counterpoint to characters like Wolfgang.

Kala was kind of interesting. I'd have liked to actually see how her story resolved, it felt very in the air at the end of the season. I'm more interested to see how she reacts to what she found about about Wolfgang, going forward.

Nomi was...I thought she was interesting but I didn't feel a kind of emotional connection with her. I mean, I was glad she didn't get lobotomized and I liked that she was super-competent but I didn't feel like there were any moments that made me cry for her like Lito or Sun or just uncomplicated love her like Capheus.

I thought Riley was going to be white bread. Look, twenty-something lost in London and look at the ennui. Look at it! So lost! So dysfunctional. So pretty. Then we got to see what had actually caused that pain and I got to liking her a lot more. And I like that in the end it was her act of bravery that saved them all. Though I wish we'd actually seen it instead of cutting out then fading back in after. Maybe just to the point of her standing up?

Will is white bread.

So, yeah, I liked it. I'd like to see their lives becoming more intertwined next season. Them pulling together more. More crossover between the people we haven't really seen interact yet. More actual talking instead of Sun showing up to fight or whatever. Them taking ownership and the plot weaving together to form one whole. But on the whole it was fantastic. Beautifully done and emotional.